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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Treating MDs

2.  Finish MD Presentations
3.  Notes Treatment
4.  Start thinking about MD project subject

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Mental Disorders Cont.

2.  Notes Causes
3.  Groups for MD
4.  Present (If time)

Start Mental Disorders/Make-up Day

2.  Little Notes
3.  Make-up*

*seeing lots of people are not passing and absolutely nobody has an A in Health, we will have a make-up day at the end.  DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.....

Thursday, February 9, 2017


2.  Review
3.  Notes Stress Effect
4.  Review

My husband and I were watching a movie.  It was one of my favorites, Back to the Future.  I was enjoying my popcorn and cuddling with him, when all of the sudden, the lights flickered.  

I looked at him and said: "What was that?" He assured me it was probably nothing and I relaxed again, putting my head on his shoulder.  

A few minutes later, I heard a scream from outside and my heart stopped.  I went to the window and I saw a huge dark figure slowly moving across the lawn dragging on of its feet.  It was coming closer to our door and was making all sorts of weird noises.  I said to Reuben:"That isn't nothing, we have to get out of here!"  I started running toward my room, thinking I would get my shoes and leave through the window, when I heard three shots ring out. 

I went back to the living room and the moaning had gotten louder and Reuben was standing facing where the sounds were coming from.  I again ran to my bedroom and pulled back the curtains and opened the window. I wanted to just curl up in a ball on my bed and rest, but then I heard it again: "Mmmmm, Brains!"

 I heard two shots as I leaped from the window and one as I was sprinting away.  Boom, boom, boom.  My feet have never have moved so quickly.  Behind me I heard: "Alice come back here.  Everything is okay."  

I didn't stop very quickly, but eventually turned back to see Reub.  The sidewalk in front of my house was smeared with blood.  There was a stinky, ugly pile of goo with tattered clothes to the right of the door.  Walking through the door, I said to Reuben: "What is that mess out there?"

"Oh that, it's no big deal.  I forgot at first and hit him in his chest, but then realized I needed a brain shot."

I couldn't believe what had just happened, but seeing Reuben so calm was the weirdest part.  He just went back to watching the movie and eventually convinced me to do the same.  It took me the rest of the movie, but eventually I my heart rate lowered and I relaxed.  

I drifted off to sleep before even knowing it and when I awoke in the morning there was no blood on the walk and Reuben acted as if nothing had happened.  Weird.

Thursday, February 2, 2017